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BLSIM has a dynamic environment constituting of extremely talented student brimming with confidence to take on the world. Keeping this in mind the institute has been organizing its annual festival ‘SYMPHYSIS
to showcase the skills of the students. The event is held at the campus creating an aura of celebration in healthy competition.

The programme includes competitive event featuring dance, drama, quizzes, debates, dumb charades, ad-mad show as well as participation in a number of sports events. These events are well attended by teams from other institutes in and around region. These events not only bring in fresh air in the busy academic schedule but also inculcate confidence, team spirit, collective commitment, leadership and the managerial skills among the students.


A Fresher’s party for management students (batch 2007-2008) was organized by the senior management students. They organized a cultural programme and offered rose to each student of the new batch as a welcome gesture.


A Cultural programme was presented by the students on the occasion of independence day. A “Kavi Sammelan” was also organized by the students


With the objective of developing the complete personality of our students, BLSIM encourages sports competitions, matches with teams of other institutes on a large scale


Teacher’s day was organized by the student. A Cultural programme including songs and dance was organized by the students on a grand scale. The students presented gifts to all the faculties and staff members.


A management and IT Quiz was also organized by the management students of BLSIM.


With the objective of developing the personality of our students a mock parliament was organized in the Institute. The main intention behind organizing such a programme was to enhance the communication skill and their knowledge of different subjects debated in parliament. The Mock Parliament was so successful that the Institute was granted permission by the Prime – Minister’s Office PMO to allow the participants of Mock Parliament to watch the proceeding of the Parliament.


Corporate Interactive Division enhance the scope for student – industry interaction. It has been formed by the students with the objective honing their presentation skills, managing the guest lectures and increasing overall participation from the corporate sector in their learning process.

Cultural & Sports Committees organize the annual fest of BLSIM. Named Sankalp & Prayas, these are activity clubs comprising of students of different streams respectively. These clubs organize and conduct co-curricular activities which help in their total personality development.


  • Quiz
  • Extempore
  • Debates
  • Workshop on logical Ability
  • Mock Interviews

Aarohan aims at reducing the interactive gap amongst the students, motivating the talented students to participate in University competitions assists the Cultural & Sports Committees. Some of the activities organized by Aarohan are as follows:

  • Antakshri
  • Fashion Show
  • Just-a-minute
  • Fresher’s Party
  • Short Play
  • Dumb Charades

Director’s Executive Club aims at promoting close interaction between management and students with respect to their expectations and commitment in line with the mission and objectives of the organization


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Get up, close and personal with BLSites. Know how they do, all that they do. Interact, share or post queries- get to know what goes on in the campus.

Heading will come to here

Get up, close and personal with BLSites. Know how they do, all that they do. Interact, share or post queries- get to know what goes on in the campus.


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